Friday Five: Amazon opens till-less store in London

1. Amazon opens till-less store in London

Amazon has opened its first till-less store outside of the US in Ealing, west London. The Amazon Fresh store uses the company’s Just Walk Out technology, which means you can literally pick items off shelves and walk out of the store. Billing is handled automatically, although you have to scan your Amazon app on entry.

2. Google set to stop tracking across the web

Google has said it will stop selling adverts based on a person’s individual browsing across websites, in a move to address concerns about online privacy. Google is already in the process of phasing out third-party cookies from its Chrome browser and has made it clear it won’t use alternative tracking tech at an individual level.

3. Twitter tests out new e-commerce feature

Twitter is testing out a new way to display tweets that link out to e-commerce product pages. A new Twitter Shopping Card format integrates product details directly into the tweet itself, together with a big ‘Shop’ button. Rather than actual ads, Twitter says it’s an example of a new treatment for organic tweets focused on e-commerce.

4. WhatsApp desktop app adds video calling

WhatsApp’s desktop app isn’t always conducive to being able to concentrate on work but it has been very useful during lockdown, especially for people like me whose kids are constantly stealing their phone to play games. And, following a short trial, the WhatsApp desktop app for Mac and PC is now rolling out voice and video calling.

5. Fancy a free trip to the moon? Step this way…

The Friday Five has had a few articles about going into space recently but this one’s more of a PSA — how do you fancy a free trip to the moon? Well, Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa has invited eight members of the public to join him on a trip around the moon on Elon Musk’s SpaceX flight — and he’s picking up the tab.



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