The timely benefits of finding The Last Responsible Moment

What are the benefits of working this way?

There are three major benefits to the Last Responsible Moment.

What are the risks?

The biggest risk is that you need to be aware of when the Last Responsible Moment is. If you miss it you can end up causing the same problems you were trying to avoid. That said, this isn’t something that has really caused us any problems. There have been occasions where we should’ve done something sooner, but since this approach encourages you to work on small tasks the impact is minimal. As long as you’re disciplined then you’re unlikely to run into difficulties.

How does this work in real life?

So far, so theoretical. But now that we’re a good way into this project I can point to some specific examples where the Last Responsible Moment has helped us deliver a better product. These are mostly front-end specific, but each has its equivalent in other disciplines.

How does this help me if I’m not working on an agile project?

Although the Last Responsible Moment is an agile principle, it’s not an agile process. Rather it’s an agile way of thinking that can be applied to any project regardless of methodology. All you need to do is ask ‘do we need to do this now?’ and see where that question leads you.



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