Principle two: Create a true MVP (Part One)

  • Ideation and hypothesis building
  • Validation
  • Mapping the backlog
  • Refining the backlog

The product owner…

Never underestimate the importance of having a decisive and empowered product owner. This arguably makes or breaks the process of defining an MVP. In the agency world, the PO is often a member of the client’s team and is pivotal in creating a truly lean MVP.


Before you try and define your MVP you should have completed your research phase, both wide (as discussed in looking at the big picture) and deep focused research, zeroing in on the specific product/service.

Ideate and hypothesise…

Once you’ve completed your research or often during, you’ll probably start building your idea of what the product will look like. This will include the types of high-level features that are essential for the product/service to function correctly, which is great. It’s important to create space to sit down and give dedicated time to brainstorm these and other potential product ideas to help explore the art of the possible. This process can be run in design studios or collaborative workshops.


Once the initial set of ideas is generated it’s important to prioritise them in line with the measurement framework (discussed in looking at the big picture) and validate them with end-users or the business using prototypes.



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