How to design content for emotionally distressed users

  • Asking ‘Do we really need to publish this content?’
  • Not cluttering search results; if someone else is doing it better — point to them
  • Only publishing content that adds value
  • Removing unnecessary information
  • Keeping calls to actions to a minimum and making them concise
  • Reducing information that could suggest stress or danger
  • Asking ‘Will this help a user make an important action or choice decision?’ If not, best to leave it out
  • Choosing the option with the least chance to cause harm
  • Asking ‘Do the users really need this information right now?’ If not, perhaps there’s a better time to present them with it
  • Being so clear you leave no room for doubt!
  • ‘You might be feeling…’
  • ‘We know this is a difficult time..’



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