How to deliver the right products and services quickly

We recently hosted a webinar where Zone’s client delivery lead, Zara Powell, discussed how you can apply agile principles to real-life scenarios to create testable products and services that deliver real value to your business.

The agenda was created for delivery leaders and practitioners to hear from our Zara to gain tips on how to maximise efficiencies of delivery teams.

What you will learn:

  • Understand the impact technology can have on customer experience
  • Gain insight into the tools and solutions available to enhance your customer engagements
  • Explore Zone’s lean product development methodology that delivers award-winning experiences
  • Learn how to create a customer culture and turn CX theory into reality

About Zara

Zara leads technical delivery teams on some of Zone’s biggest projects. She played a major role in helping the John Lewis Partnership overhaul their traditional ways of working, coaching them on a more agile, test and learn approach. As a certified agile leader and LeSS practitioner, Zara trained 20 of their senior delivery and marketing team to get in front of real customers and iterate solutions based on user feedback. Zara initiated Zone’s agile community, creating a toolkit and mentoring programme for the benefit of her colleagues and clients.

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