Friday Five: Zuckerberg reveals AI projects for Metaverse

1. Zuckerberg reveals AI projects for Metaverse

Meta founder Mark Zuckerberg has unveiled several ambitious AI projects, describing AI as “the key to unlocking the Metaverse”. In a livestreamed demonstration, he created a basic virtual world using the AI feature Builder Bot. Zuckerberg also announced a plan to build a universal speech translator.

2. Russian hackers ‘behind powerful malware’

A cyber report published by intelligence agencies in the UK and US on Wednesday has attributed insidious new malware to a notorious Russia-backed hacking group known as Sandworm. The findings come amid concerns of major Russian cyber-attacks against Ukraine as part of its offensive in the region.

3. Fast grocery-delivery apps face city backlash

Apps that deliver groceries in minutes face a backlash from city authorities over how they operate. Amsterdam and Rotterdam have banned the opening of new ‘dark stores’ — distribution hubs for on-demand groceries — after complaints of disruption, while New York City Council says the apps are “misusing” empty retail units.

4. How to invest in EX to boost profitability

It’s widely accepted that great employee experience has a positive impact on customer experience. According to Forbes, companies that invest in employee experience are four times more profitable than those that don’t. However you care to look at it, investing in EX makes clear business sense.

5. Trump having trouble with the Truth (Social)…

Truth Social, a social media network developed by former president Donald Trump’s new media company, is now live(ish) on the iOS App Store in the US. The service is closely modelled on Twitter, which was previously Trump’s preferred media platform before he was banned for inciting violence after the storming of the US Capitol.



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