Friday Five: Why marketing is about the whole business

1. Why marketing is about the whole business

The key to better serving customers? It’s all about putting your employees first, according to Boots CMO Pete Markey. This is what Boots tried to achieve when it rolled out its ‘Feel Good as New’ repositioning last summer. The aim was to reinvent the health and wellbeing of the nation, as well as Boots’ own brand image.

2. Multiple Apple services suffer outages

A number of Apple services experienced outages on Monday, Apple’s support page has confirmed. The areas affected included the App Store, iMessage, Maps, Apple Arcade, the iTunes store, podcasts and Apple TV+. Apple’s system status page now shows that all of its services are back up and running.

3. Heineken’s virtual beer sends up metaverse

Heineken has created a virtual beer to highlight the extremes businesses will go to to grab a slice of the next big thing — the metaverse. The brewer set up a virtual launch to promote the “product” — an experience described by one attendee as surreal. The firm said it was “an ironic joke… that pokes fun at us and other brands”.

4. Brand purpose needs to be driving force

‘The customer is always right’ is still a mantra for many. But neither consumers nor employees should be the very core of a business’ operations, argues Patti Alderman, AVP digital experience at Zone and Cognizant Digital Experience. Instead, brand purpose needs to be the driving force behind everything that a company does.

5. Zoom launches animated animal avatars

Last year, the story of a lawyer turning up to a hearing on a Zoom call with a cat filter went viral. It was hilarious and absurd. But the folks at Zoom seem to have liked it so much, they’re introducing animated animal-based avatars to sit in on your video calls. Think of this as animoji, but for conferencing.



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