Friday Five: Waving goodbye to Teletext and Zone’s got talent!

1. Cancelling free trials? There’s an app for that

A shrewd app developer has launched a service in the UK that automatically cancels subscriptions at the end of the free trial period. The app, Free Trial Surfing, gives customers a virtual credit card number and invented name, which they can use to sign up for the likes of Netflix and Spotify. It’s free to use at the moment — and already has 10,000 US users — but may bring in a subscription fee (oh, the irony).

2. WhatsApp payment service to launch in India

WhatsApp is planning to add a payment function to its service, with businesses in India the first to try it out, possibly by the end of the year. India has been a key focus area for product development for WhatsApp, with about 70% of adults owning a phone in a population of 1.3 billion.

3. LinkedIn to award badges of distinction

A good few of us have made some fairly bold claims on our CVs at one time or another, safe in the knowledge we’re unlikely to be found out until we’re already reclining in our office chairs (“Do I speak French? Oui, oui”). Well now LinkedIn is giving job hunters a chance to prove their skills on their profiles.

4. Young Zoners to join DMA judging panel

The Data & Marketing Association Awards (DMAs) have been celebrating the work of innovative brands, agencies and suppliers for almost 40 years. And this year Zone is providing four of the judges for the 34 categories, including two of our rising stars who only graduated in 2017.

5. Ta-ta Teletext as red button is read no more

Ah, Teletext. Such happy memories of going to Ceefax page 302 for the football headlines or playing Bamboozle on the Channel 4 version (just called Teletext, apparently). Teletext effectively died when analogue TV was cut off in 2012, but the BBC still provided news and sports updates through its red button service.



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