Friday Five: Valentine’s cringe and appy couples

1. Ofcom handed new social media powers

Ofcom is set to be given new powers to force social media firms to take action over harmful content. Until now the likes of Facebook and Snapchat have largely been self-regulating but they have faced major criticism for not doing enough to protect users from bullying, abuse and graphic content.

2. Appy couples choosing a romantic night in

Valentine’s Day: table for two at a fancy restaurant, awkward conversation, phones firmly put away, right? Well, maybe not, as it turns out that app usage goes up by 11% on 14 February compared with the rest of the month. And it’s not just dating apps that see a spike in visitors.

3. Regulators swipe left on Facebook dating app

Speaking of Valentine’s Day, Facebook was hoping to release its in-app dating feature to European users yesterday, but the rollout has been delayed afterregulators raised concerns about data privacy. Facebook Dating has been available in the US for six months in a bid to take on the might of Tinder, Bumble and so on.

4. MSE and Monzo most recommended brands and Monzo are the brands most recommended by their customers, according to the latest YouGov consumer advocacy poll. Martin Lewis’s financial advice website comes top, with 91% of users recommending it, while Monzo came second on 90% (although it has had some rare bad press lately).

5. Twitter celebrates the Valentine’s cringe factor

In the final bit of Valentine-related news (the FF is nothing if not topical), Twitter has turned to cringe humour for an integrated campaign. The ‘Dating Twitter advice bureau’ currently in Covent Garden features interactive installations bringing to life real tweets about dating, such as ‘the wheel of misfortune’, the ‘ghosting graveyard’ and the ‘gallery of awkward silences’.



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