Friday Five: Twitter’s ad ban and femtech innovation

1. Twitter makes statement with political ad ban

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has announced the platform is to ban all political advertising, saying that the reach of such messages “should be earned, not bought”. The ban comes into force on 22 November, so will affect the general election and the next US presidential election — much to the displeasure of Donald Trump.

2. Netflix keen to let viewers watch in a hurry

Netflix is getting into trouble with Hollywood bigwigs after it began testing a feature with a small group of Android phone users that allows them to change the playback speed of what they’re watching. I don’t really understand why you would want to do that, but apparently it’s a heavily requested feature from subscribers.

3. New Spotify app is music to kids’ ears

I’m amazed it’s taken them so long but Spotify is finally introducing a kid-friendly app. Currently in beta in Ireland, the new app will have curated music and audio stories intended for children — with their parents given full control over what’s available to them — and will be available to those with a family subscription.

4. New femtech app tracks fertility using saliva

Berlin-based femtech start-up Inne has given the first glimpse of its hormone-tracking natural contraception tool intended to be released at the start of next year, backed by €8m in funding. There’s been a big rise in women’s health apps in recent years, including those that promise digital contraception — although not without controversy.

5. Record-breaking 3D-printed building unveiled

The largest 3D-printed building ever has been constructed in Dubai. It’s also the first two-storey building, covering an area of 640 square metres, and went through a year-long series of tests to ensure its safety. It produced 60% less waste than traditional construction and should cut costs by around 60% too.



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