Friday Five: the CX50 edition

To celebrate the release of the CX50, Zone’s Matt Blackwell shares five stories about the brands that are pulling ahead in customer experience…

1. Leading lights of CX revealed

This week marked the launch of the CX50, our joint venture with Marketing Week to identify the 50 professionals leading the way in delivering exemplary customer experiences across the products and services they offer.

CX has become a key differentiator in every industry and should permeate all aspects of the business, from the boardroom to technologists, marketers and managers. In compiling the list, we assessed individuals to determine their influence, innovation and the impact of their achievements in customer experience over the past year. Intrigued? Check out the CX50 in full here.

2. Lush leaps ahead in customer experience

Jack Constantine, chief digital officer at Lush, has laid down a marker for the future of retail. The British cosmetics company has opened a store in Japan that has no price tags, signs or labels. Instead, you scan items with your phone to find out how much they cost. And you can even make purchases when the shop is closed thanks to a shoppable window display.

Not only does this provide a great experience for customers who are used to on-demand services from the likes of Netflix and Amazon Prime, it’s also better for the environment in that it vastly reduces the amount of waste packaging. Pats on the back all round for the folks at Lush!

3. Online experience gets cheaper with Tesco

Tesco is another company blazing a trail in the customer experience economy. The supermarket heavyweight has recently announced it will be permanently reducing the minimum click and collect spend from £40 to £25. Orders below £40 were previously subject to a £4 basket charge.

It’s good of Tesco to acknowledge that people are time-poor and increasingly turning to digital to fulfil their shopping needs as a result, collecting items in-store instead of trudging around the aisles. Penalising those who use an online service is not the way forward. Home delivery orders still have the £40 minimum though, so watch out.

4. Monzo eyes move to America

Banking has been at the centre of the CX explosion over recent years. Challengers like Monzo and Starling have been luring customers away from traditional banks with the promise of a fully digital experience, instant alerts and a blissfully simple user interface. And now Monzo is gearing up to cross the Atlantic and take on the US.

Monzo CEO Tom Blomfield’s borderline obsessive focus on CX has seen the bank grow to reach 1.9 million customers since he founded it in 2015, encouraging him to set his sights on America and a market that he believes is “a decade behind Europe”. Ultimately, Blomfield sees Monzo becoming a central financial hub, offering insurance, lending and the ability to switch energy providers in-app.

5. The benefits of betting on an outsider

When you can’t see the wood for the trees, it helps to bring in an outside perspective to get a fresh and unbiased take on the matter. And Belinda Moore, director of marketing and communications at E.ON, believes that this idea can also be applied to recruitment.

While the wisdom that comes with age and experience goes without saying, hiring industry outsiders can offer new ways of thinking and the opportunity to shake up ideas, particularly with regards to modernisation and the willingness to embrace a progressive, industry-leading stance on CX.