Friday Five: The bots fighting breast cancer

3 min readAug 4, 2023

Zone’s Mark Sylvester handpicks and shares the five best news stories on digital trends, experiences and technologies…

1. The bots fighting breast cancer

Whatever the latest view on AI, an area in which it can possibly be of untold benefit to humans is global healthcare. One of the latest potential breakthroughs in computer-based medicine has seen AI pitted against radiologists in a study to diagnose breast cancer.

The machine’s results were comparable to the work of two expert radiologists, while halving screen-reading time and improving cost-effectiveness. Studies continue, but the bots could be behind better breast cancer care.

2. Connecting the UK’s communities

The UK Government has announced a £40 million fund to take digital connectivity and advanced wireless technology across the country to the next level.

Local authorities can bid for a portion of the pot to be ploughed back into initiatives such as high-tech healthcare, futuristic farming, rebooted transport, and improved public services. With estimates that widespread adoption of 5G could see economic benefits of up to £159 billion by 2035, it’s a pot worth tapping into.

3. Tech making transport accessible

People with disabilities make up 16% of the world’s population, while in the UK, one-in-five disabled individuals are unable to make trips. The maths is simple; more needs to be done to make transport more inclusive.

According to Jonathan Chacón Barbero, Senior Accessibility Software Engineer at Cabify, technology is the solution. Discover the apps that can overcome some of the transport barriers that keep disabled people at home.

4. Helping women make their mark in tech

With an acknowledged skills gap in the tech industry, research by Computer Weekly shows many believe that recruiting more women is the answer. However, it appears only around 40% of firms have any plan in place to increase their female workforce, while there are still many hurdles to women’s access to working in tech.

So, discover the way forward for women in tech, from improving workplace environments to encouraging changes in the educational system.

5. Get your feedback on film

For brands wanting to know what users really think (that’s all of them then), AI-powered video feedback is the latest tool in their toolbox. New developments in the technology allow authentic responses to products and services to be understood and huge amounts of data analysed.

The benefits to researchers could be immense, from discovering the place users choose to respond from to doing away with the need for complex customer journey maps.




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