Friday Five: “Tesco Tinder” is bringing suppliers together in a waste-tackling lovefest

3 min readDec 2, 2022

To kick off this Season of Giving, guest editor Turi Henderson-Palmer, one of Zone’s Lead Content Designers, brings you a Feel-Good Friday Five.

1. “Tesco Tinder” is bringing suppliers together in a waste-tackling love fest

It’s no secret that the broader grocery supply chain is inefficient, but Tesco has launched a new online marketplace to help suppliers help each other combat waste and reduce costs. Tesco Exchange aims to match suppliers with too much of something with other suppliers who can put that extra to good use, encouraging relationships that support a more circular economy.

2. New cohort launches with Black Girl Fest

Launched in 2017 by Nicole Crentsil as a one-day event, Black Girl Fest has evolved into a creative studio that provides support to Black female and non-binary founders through its Launchpad program. The latest cohort of 14 leaders from eight countries will be mentored over Zoom and have the opportunity to pitch for funding up to £15k.

3. Holiday travel is heading for hydrogen

In an effort to haul air travel into the Zero Carbon age, major players in the UK — including Rolls Royce, easyJet and British Airways — are investing in hydrogen as zero carbon aviation fuel. Monday brought their first big test of engines powered by hydrogen created by wind and tidal power, so an exciting green start all around.

4. If it’s not from the Champagne region, is it just sparkling data?

Bollinger’s deputy head winemaker, Denis Bunner, is turning to the power of deep learning to predict the quality of vintages in a sharp turn from the otherwise mystical processes of assessment. As part of an exercise to understand the impact of climate changes on grape-growing, this data analysis is helping to support and inform key winemaker decisions about how to manage their vineyards into the future.

5. Apple App Store Awards recognises this year’s biggest winners

Every year, Apple honours the apps that have had the greatest impact through their App Store Awards. By recognising winners in categories like App of the year, Arcade game of the year, and Cultural impact, a wide range of application and experience teams are ending the year on a high note.




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