Friday Five: Tech driving public sector sustainability

3 min readJul 21, 2023

Zone’s Mark Sylvester handpicks and shares the five best news stories on digital trends, experiences and technologies…

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1. Tech driving public sector sustainability

From the national government to local authorities, the UK’s public sector is a vast landscape where tech teams are leading the charge for a greener future.

As the sector strives towards meeting the Government’s 2050 net zero targets, the challenges it has faced around systems, processes and silos, along with the lessons it’s learned, can help us all fine-tune our blueprints for sustainability.

Image of Daniela Jorge, Chief Design Officer from Capital One

2. A design for life

The goal for all design solutions should be to remove friction and make life easier and better for the all-too-human user. It’s a goal championed by Daniela Jorge, Chief Design Officer at Capital One, who points out that design is all about how we interact with the world.

For that reason, it’s crucial to understand everything we can about potential customers and their needs. And don’t get her started on adding the human touch to AI experiences. Actually, get her started.

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3. Putting passion into CX

With consumers subjected to a barrage of content across platforms, the key to cutting through all the noise is sharing in your audience’s passions. Simon Luff of creative agency Ear to the Ground believes that only by winning the hearts and minds of customers can we hope to build strong and lasting relationships.

Understanding how customers’ passions influence their buying behaviours and brand expectations allows marketers to create passion-point-centred experiences.

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4. Why brands should embrace their roots

There’s a lot to be said for global consistency and giving consumers exactly what they know and expect. However, consumers increasingly demand spaces, places and communities that reflect the brand’s uniqueness.

A recent survey revealed 68% of consumers feel positive about brands demonstrating cultural knowledge. So, how can you prove that you’re still the brand from the block?

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5. The future of working is flexible

In the latest move to help shape the post-pandemic workplace, the Employment Relations (Flexible Working) Act 2023 has just passed through Parliament. The Act, which is now simply awaiting royal ascent, will make it easier for employees to secure more agile working conditions, with the possibility of further legislation around the corner.

And, since a lack of flexibility has forced four million workers to swap careers and kept just three-in-ten UK parents in roles below their skill level, it’s a step in the right direction.




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