Friday Five: targeting trolls and flying taxis

1. Taking a stand against the trolls

From the moment we were able to paste our thoughts online, abuse has followed. How we respond to haters has been a thorny issue, confused by the blurry line where free speech melts into hate speech. So, it’s interesting to see how brands such as Nationwide, Mars and Lush are setting out their stalls.

2. Accessibility is often about using your head

There’s an awful lot of tech out there, and sometimes it just takes a fresh perspective to demonstrate that some of it isn’t pulling its weight. Which is what happened when a mobility-impaired eBay intern started playing around with the iPhone X’s front-facing sensor and developed an app that allows users to navigate a retail site using simple head movements. In that moment HeadGaze was born.

3. Insta support for addiction

When designing a user experience you want to create a smooth and seamless journey while avoiding the impression you’re ‘big-brothering’ users. Which speaks to the dilemma facing social platforms where the same hashtags are used by those seeking support and those seeking illegal substances.

4. Get a Street View on pollution

The adverse effects pollution has on our health are widely documented, so the more accurately we can measure and record air quality, the better armed we are to deal with it. This is where Aclima comes in.

5. Your cab’s just landed

I’m pretty sure flying cars were one of the things we were promised as part of the techno-digital revolution. They were right up there with hoverboards and four-day weeks. Tech companies have been a bit slow delivering on that promise, but with UK company Vertical Aerospace entering the fray, dreams may soon become reality.

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