Friday Five: seeing through sound and cheating AIs

1. Enabling sight through sound

Huawei has developed an app that uses machine learning to interpret facial expressions, which are then translated into sound to help the visually impaired read the emotions of the people they are talking to. Blind composer Tomasz Bilecki created seven distinct sounds covering everything from happiness to disgust.

2. Appreciating the great outdoor adverts

Once predicted to languish in cultural obscurity thanks to the advent of digital advertising and social media, billboards and other forms of outdoor advertising are experiencing something of a renaissance on — wait for it — Instagram.

3. If it ain’t broke…

Instagram got more than it bargained for when it ‘accidentally’ rolled out an updated interface that allowed people to tap through posts and scroll horizontally instead of vertically. The overwhelming consensus of user feedback? Well, in short, they absolutely hated it.

4. From hailing rides to health insurance

While Uber’s foray into food delivery can be seen as a logical progression, China’s biggest ride-hailing company, Didi Chuxing, is blazing a more leftfield trail by offering users a package of financial services including health insurance and loans.

5. AI makes an honest mistake

The AI revolt could soon be upon us, as one cheeky neural network has been caught cheating at its task by hiding data from its creators. But it’s not panic stations just yet, as the article points out that the machine learning programme was just doing exactly what it was asked to do — sort of.

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