Friday Five: Football dominates Google’s year in search

1. Football dominates Google’s year in search

The three top trending terms on Google UK this year were football related, with only one reference to Covid in the top 10. “Euros”, “Premier League” and “Christian Eriksen” — the Danish player who had a cardiac arrest on the pitch — were the top three, with “Covid vaccine” fourth. Covid had dominated last year’s list.

2. Why GSK has created a cross-functional team

GSK Consumer Healthcare’s global CMO, Tamara Rogers, says the pharmaceutical company is on a mission to break down silos within its organisation, using a central cross-functional team to ensure its brands remain “future-proof” and connected to the business’s core purpose of improving human life.

3. Instagram to bring back chronological feed

Instagram says it’s bringing back the chronological feed so users can easily see the most recent posts first and in the order in which they were shared. The Facebook-owned company ditched the feature in 2016 in favour of an algorithm-generated feed, which surfaces posts that it thinks you’ll like most.

4. Virgin Media O2 completes gigabit upgrade

Virgin Media O2 says it’s completed an upgrade enabling gigabit speeds at all 15.5 million homes on its network. Gigabit broadband means speeds of over 1,000Mbps (megabits per second) — 20 times the average home connection speed. Reaching such speeds has been a government goal since an election pledge made in 2019.

5. Tesla allows drivers to play games in motion

Tesla has updated its software allowing vehicle occupants to play video games on the centre touchscreen while in motion, raising questions about safety and driver distraction. Previously, video games were only playable while the vehicle was in park, but an over-the-air software update was pushed out in the summer.



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