Friday Five: fake faces and sonic logos

1. The VR revolution has not been televised

It seems as if VR has been on the cusp of going mainstream for quite a few years now without ever truly making it, which has led some critics to start planning the platform’s funeral. Don’t close the casket just yet though, as analysts still predict the VR industry will crack $117bn by 2022.

2. The dawn of authentic fakes

Reckon you’ve got what it takes to distinguish between the faces of real people and those who have been made up by a computer? Well put your money where your mouth is and give it a whirl. For reference, I tried it five times and got them all wrong because clearly I am an idiot.

3. The Rosetta Stone of rat chat

They may give some people the creeps, but did you know that rats are actually a lot like us? They’re sociable critters with a physiology so similar to ours that studies using rats as proxies have bagged 75 Nobel Prizes. And now we could be on the verge of decoding their ultrasonic chatter thanks to a deep learning algorithm called DeepSqueak.

4. The sweet sound of sonic spending

You may recall Mastercard’s announcement that it was venturing into the world of wordless logos last month, but it’s gone one step further this week, making a song and dance about what it deems to be the next big thing for branding: an audio logo.

5. Sharing isn’t always caring

You’ve probably experienced it at some point — social media feeds crammed with photos of newborns or saccharine missives providing a detailed breakdown of the first day at school. There’s even a word for if these days: sharenting. But has anyone stopped to think of the effect this is having on the children themselves?

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