Friday Five: data rights and defining disruption

1. Revising our rights for the digital age

According to a United Nations declaration, we all have 30 basic human rights. These include things we may take for granted like freedom of thought and the right to a fair trial, but they don’t go far enough for, which is looking to get data ownership added to the list with its new app, #My31.

2. Skype rolls back its redesign

Skype wasn’t the first app to imitate aspects of Snapchat, and it certainly won’t be the last. The difference here though, is the announcement in a blog post that the voice and video call service has decided to can the changes after finding they ‘didn’t resonate with a majority of users’.

3. Delving into disruption

Benedict Evans is great. What he does so well is take a topic that everyone is talking about and really put it under the microscope. It’s less an article and more an in-depth examination. The subject of his latest missive: what does disruption really mean?

4. Digging for datasets no longer a drag

After having all but conquered the commercial web, de facto king of search Google has set its sights on unifying and simplifying the notoriously convoluted process of searching for datasets with a brand new, sparkly search engine called — yep, you guessed it — Dataset Search.

5. Facebook users vote with their feet

In the digital age hashtags can wield huge amounts of power — just look at the phenomenal cultural impact of movements such as Black Lives Matter and Me Too. And, in the wake of multiple data breaches and questionable ethics, it seems that a hell of a lot of people did actually #DeleteFacebook.

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