Friday Five: Cyber-flashing added to Online Harms Bill

1. Cyber-flashing added to Online Harms Bill

Measures to criminalise cyber-flashing and give a right to appeal against the removal of social media posts are among changes the government has proposed to its Online Harms Bill. The bill, originally proposed in 2019, also seeks to tackle access to harmful material online, and was introduced to parliament on Thursday.

2. Maersk signs up to Amazon’s climate pledge

Maersk, the largest logistics firm in the world, has become the first shipping company to sign up to Amazon’s Climate Pledge. The company joins 100 new signatories to the programme, announced by the ecommerce giant this week. The Amazon Climate Pledge was launched in 2019 and some 312 organisations have signed up.

3. Netflix testing extra fee for account sharing

Netflix will begin testing a new, opt-in feature that will prompt subscribers to pay extra if sharing the service with people outside their own household. The feature, to be tested initially in Chile, Costa Rica and Peru, will allow households to add up to two sub accounts for a lower fee than the cost of the full-priced Netflix service.

4. Investing in EX to generate positive results

There’s no denying that travel brands have had a turbulent pandemic. But while the unpredictability of Covid persists alongside inflation, which has hit many UK households hard, consumer travel confidence is on the rise and travel brands have reason to be more optimistic about the future.

5. Using video games to treat health conditions

Video games catch a lot of flack from critics who say the medium can be harmful to players. But the science on that claim is murky, at best. Now, one of the video game industry’s veteran executives is teaming up with a medical device expert to make games that are specifically designed to help treat health conditions.



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