Friday Five: Cyber-attack behind NHS 111 outage

1. Cyber-attack behind NHS 111 outage

Advanced, the company that provides digital services for NHS 111, has confirmed that the software outage affecting the service was caused by a cyber-attack. The attack was spotted last Thursday and targeted the system used to refer patients for care, including out-of-hours appointment bookings and emergency prescriptions, and crucially, ambulances being dispatched.

2. Parents can now take control over kids’ Snapchat

Snapchat has launched a Family Centre, its first ever parental controls which builds on child safety measures by allowing parents to have more oversight of their child’s experience on the app.

3. EX = CX²: The links between employee and customer experience revealed

In partnership with Marketing Week, Zone has published its latest research report which finds a strategic approach to employee experience (EX) is fundamental to brands excelling at customer experience (CX).

4. WhatsApp updates privacy features

If you’ve got too many WhatsApp group messages blowing up your mobile phone and you’re desperate to bow out of some without causing upset, you’re in luck — WhatsApp has unveiled its updated privacy features which now allow users to leave group chats silently.

5. Why Heineken is designing for sustainability

Brands risk being sidelined by retailers if they don’t keep up with sustainability expectations, says Heineken UK’s marketing director Michael Gillane: “[Retailers are] advocating strongly on behalf of consumers. There are defensive reasons why you should evolve, because the retailer will stop you accessing the customer.”



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