Friday Five: BT set for full-fibre ‘fury’ after Ofcom ruling

1. BT set for full-fibre ‘fury’ after Ofcom ruling

BT says it will “build like fury” to roll out full-fibre internet connections after Ofcom ruled it would not impose price caps on full-fibre connections provided by Openreach, BT’s subsidiary. Openreach lays down and maintains the fibre-optic cables and then sells use of these services to individual internet service providers.

2. Royal Mail to trial adding barcodes to stamps

The Royal Mail is to add unique barcodes to second-class stamps as part of a modernisation drive to improve customer service. The pilot scheme, beginning on 23 March, will see barcodes appearing on around 20 million second-class stamps supplied to UK businesses, to be linked with services relevant to them.

3. Tinder to let users run background checks

In what could be a highly significant move, Tinder is going to let its users run background checks on possible dates. Match Group, the owner of Tinder, has announced an investment in Garbo, a non-profit that aims to help people to run background checks with only their first name and phone number, or full name.

4. An app to measure your food’s climate impact

Lots of us are concerned about the food we eat and its impact on the climate. And a Dublin-based startup is looking to make it much easier to work out your carbon footprint from your food shops. Users simply take a photo of their receipt and the Evocco app identifies the food products and calculates your carbon footprint.

5. Bitcoin ad banned for irresponsible claims

An advert for a cryptocurrency exchange has been banned by the Advertising Standards Authority for “irresponsibly” promoting investments in Bitcoin. The ASA said the ad, in a local newspaper, had targeted pensioners who were “unlikely to know” much about the topic, while a disclaimer printed in small print was insufficient.



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