Friday Five: BT ditches Huawei in new 5G deal

1. BT drops Huawei in new deal

Following the government’s ban on Huawei 5G kit earlier this year, BT has signed a deal to use Ericsson’s radio antennas, base stations and other equipment to upgrade the EE mobile network.

2. TikTok tunes out Trump with expansion

From one Chinese company the US deems a threat to, well, another Chinese company the US deems a threat, TikTok has committed to its expansion plans with a huge recruitment drive and a partnership with online retailer Shopify.

3. Apple searches for a way to upstage Google

In this week’s Unconfirmed But Interesting Rumours section, there is mounting evidence that Apple is developing a search engine to rival Google. Not only does the iPhone’s latest operating system, iOS 14, link to its own search results, but Apple’s acquisition of John Giannandrea, Google’s former head of search, suddenly makes a lot more sense.

4. Google to axe post-election political ads

With the US presidential election now mere days away, Google has announced it plans to ban all political ads for a week from 3 November. The temporary pause will apply to any adverts that reference the election, the candidates or the result, which will most likely be delayed due to a large percentage of votes arriving via post.

5. Hampshire hula hooper goes global

We all picked up some extra hobbies back in lockdown 1.0, some of questionable usefulness. But Hannah ‘The Hula Hooping Hero of Hampshire’ Murphy gave fellow enthusiasts from around the globe the chance to show off their skills by hosting the world’s very first Hula Hoop Championships online.



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