Friday Five: Breast cancer device wins award

Zone’s Rianna Mitchell handpicks and shares the five best new stories on digital trends, experiences and technologies…

Woman using Dotplot breast cancer device and app

1. Breast cancer device wins award

A breast cancer self-check device created by innovation design engineering graduates has won the prestigious UK James Dyson Award 2022. The Dotplot is an at-home breast scanning tool and app designed to encourage women to upkeep a regular breast self-check routine and track any changes to promote early detection of breast cancer.

Users build a personalised map of their torso by providing their breast size and shape and pressing the handheld device over their chest. Like ultrasound scans and mammograms for over 50s, each month, sound waves are used to record tissue composition, and users are advised to seek professional healthcare if suspicious changes or abnormalities are detected in the breast tissue.

Satellite in sky

2. Moving away from Wi-Fi and mobile network

British phone manufacturer Bullitt is set to launch a new satellite-connected handset in the hope to be a jump ahead of Apple’s forthcoming iPhone14, speculated to feature the same service. Through a chip built by an Asian manufacturer, the Bullitt phone will automatically link to the global satellite networks if there is no Wi-Fi or mobile network signal available.

The phone will initially allow users to send and receive text messages only using satellite connectivity. After downloading the Bullitt’s app, recipients will be able to receive an SMS message and reply free of charge. Bullitt phone owners are expected to pay a monthly subscription to use the service.

River Island’s new ‘River Studios’ retail store

3. River Island gets smarter with in-store revamp

High street fashion retailer River Island will introduce a new cutting-edge store designed to deliver a fresh take on their identity. River Studios — the new retail concept created in collaboration with architectural interiors and branding studio Draw Creative — will offer a boutique-feel with an elevated visual style.

Customers can expect a “domestic yet fresh” atmosphere with natural materials and recycled and distressed furnishings with digital content. River Studios will also present smart changing rooms, where shoppers can request alternative options and seek assistance from the cubicles. The retailer aims to “deliver a modern, seamless experience fit for the evolving needs of shoppers of today, through a striking shopfront to lure customers into the physical space.”

Group of people wearing Heinz Vintage Drip collection

4. Putting the stain in “sustainability”

ThredUp and Heinz Ketchup have united to roll out a first-of-its-kind fashion range of second-hand clothes with ketchup stains. The ‘Heinz Vintage Drip’ collection features 157 pre-owned clothing items, each adorned with a unique Heinz Ketchup stain, and is inclusive across all sizes and genders. The marketing mashup. The marketing medley is as a way of celebrating reuse and embracing a new iconic symbol for sustainability.

ThredUp Vice President of Integrated Marketing, Erin Wallace said: “This collection offers a unique way for fashion risk-takers and food lovers alike to participate in the circular economy, while doing good for people and the planet.” All proceeds from the collection will go to Rise Against Hunger in support of global hunger relief.

‘Five principles for successful digital product delivery’ whitepaper

5. Five principles for successful digital product delivery

Zone’s Head of Engineering, Paul Kiernan, provides 5 expert principles on how to deliver a digital product successfully. It’s an intuitive guide for people who develop digital products or services and have been frustrated by missed deadlines, poor output quality, or the overall experience not delivering the value hoped for.

He provides valuable insights and advice surrounding setting visions and goals, creating an MVP, picking the right tools for the job, managing scope, and creating a culture for speed.



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