Friday Five: Amazon sizes up and YouTube loses a star

1. The internet of things can only get better

Hot on the heels of Facebook’s F8, the good folk at Google held their very own developer conference, I/O, which saw the launch of Android Things 1.0, an operating system for internet of things (IoT) devices (think smart lightbulbs, wi-fi enabled fridges and the like).

2. Size matters to Amazon

Amazon already knows a fair bit about its users, but things are about to get even more intimate for a group of volunteers, as the online retail giant plans to conduct a 3D scan of their entire body twice a month over a 20-week period. Why? To better understand “how bodies change shape over time”, apparently.

3. Don’t leave my AI hanging on the telephone

Back to I/O now, where where one of the most contentious announcements was without a doubt Google Duplex, an AI assistant function that is able to call businesses and make bookings on behalf of its user.

4. YouTube loses one of its best

YouTube star Philip DeFranco has launched his own video-based app, DeFranco Now, as he looks to move away from relying on a platform he has described as an “alcoholic, negligent stepfather” and establish a deeper connection between himself and users.

5. Feeling is the new believing

Ford has created Feel the View, an incredible new feature that uses an audio guide and haptic technology to make different areas of a car window vibrate at various frequencies so that visually impaired passengers can quite literally feel the view they’re driving past.



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