Friday Five: Airbnb stories and sharing on Insta

1. What I did on my Airbnb holiday…

Airbnb is trialling a ‘travel stories’ format, designed to inspire users through storytelling and encourage them to browse the site in a more casual way, rather than just searching and booking.

2. Insta finally rolls out sharing feature (sort of)

After trials earlier this year, Instagram has now officially launched a feature to let users share others’ posts as stickers in their own stories. Sharing is a core pillar of the Facebook and Twitter offering, but while there’s third party tools to regram, as well as DIY screenshotting, Insta has steadfastly never introduced a sharing feature.

3. Analysing the data about data privacy

The Global Alliance of Data-Driven Marketing Associations has released a report called ‘Global data privacy: What the consumer really thinks’. The key finding is that 51% of consumers are ‘data pragmatists’, who are happy to share personal data with businesses on a case-by-case basis if there are clear benefits in doing so.

4. Amazon bans breakers of unspecified rules

Accounts are surfacing of Amazon banning some users for taking advantage of the free returns system. This article explores the implications of this development, both for ecommerce and the idea of companies having ‘contracts’ with customers that it doesn’t tell them about.

5. Porsche drive forward AR communication

Porsche has introduced a communications and repair-enabling tool called ‘Tech Live Look’ to dealerships across the US. The tool is a pair of AR glasses, worn by the repair technician and connected to not only manuals to be pulled up and viewed within the glasses, but also to Porsche repair experts at their HQ, who can talk to the technician and draw on their screen to show them what to do.

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