BIMA Digital Day: Zone shares digital expertise with students from Ada


In the first stage, students conducted research to explore their briefs and companies further and identify the problem to be solved. To do this, they examined what competitors are doing, identified existing trends, and built empathy for their customers.


In the next stage, students brought their ideas to life, demonstrating what they look like through design work and the step-by-step processes of how the products will be used from beginning to end. They stress tested their ideas by confirming the look and feel was right for their audience and client, that it solved the identified problem, and was a unique solution.


Finally, students prepared to deliver their pitches. With only five minutes to present their day’s work, they collaborated on creating visualisations and representations for their thinking before showcasing their pitch to the rest of their peers. To excel, we encouraged students to communicate their ideas through the art of storytelling, an often-under-tapped skill that enables digital experts to persuade and motivate people towards meaningful change.

Final verdict

The most challenging part of the day for us Zone digital experts was deciding on the one project to be submitted to the national BIMA Digital Day competition. Every group presented compelling pitches that went from strength to strength — whether it was the use of statistics to convince us why the problem is significant, or the quality of lo-fi prototypes created, we had a tough time choosing just one solution. One thing we knew for sure was how impressed we were by the amount of effort, collaboration, and creativity they managed to pack into the day.



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