Our front-end developer Fran Haines shares what she learned from joining the audience for a BBC News special celebrating the best women in technology…

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Over the past few decades women have come a long way in the workplace, and careers that were very male-dominated have become far more popular with women. However, women still make up a very small percentage of the technology sector and this is a common theme from around the world. Series such as the BBC 100 Women try to tackle this by featuring female role models who are breaking boundaries in their sector.

I recently took part in the audience panel for the BBC Click 100 Women Special: an episode which showcases pioneering women in technology. The guests were Nicola Mendelsohn, VP for EMEA for Facebook; Serene Ow, head of data science at Grab (the Uber of South-east Asia); and Erica Joy Baker — director of engineering at GitHub. United by gender and career choice, both the panelists and audience joined from all over the world to ask questions and share industry insights. Despite the geographical and cultural variation, it became clear that many of our experiences in education and work were similar and the insights shared were invaluable. Here’s what I…



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